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CAS and Community Building: Engineering a Big-Picture Vision

But what exactly is EngineeringCAS? For applicants, EngineeringCAS offers a single portal that streamlines their process for researching and applying to multiple programs of interest, offers a modern application experience that guides them every step of the way and provides 24/7 access to real-time updates on applications. For programs and institutions, EngineeringCAS drives awareness, streamlines the application process and provides tools that enable targeted, personalized communications to those interested in a program. It decreases decision-making times by providing a processing team to scan transcripts and package application components as an extension of your admissions staff. EngineeringCAS also provides insight into enrollment trends and performance on a campus through robust analytics and reporting tools. Poole, a member of the EngineeringCAS advisory board, is passionate about the CAS platform’s benefits for the entire engineering discipline, as well as graduate education as a whole. “In higher education, the majority of the focus really has been on undergraduate education,” he said. “The graduate admissions enrollment management community has been completely disjointed. There was nothing bringing that community together. One of the things that really attracted me to Liaison and the CAS was their ability to build communities within and across disciplines at the graduate level. They bring people together who are working with the same set of challenges, issues and budget constraints to share best

practices in terms of how the CAS can assist both the students and the institution, but also to have a forum to discuss issues, concepts and ideas.” Poole continued, “Many times on the enrollment management side in graduate education, we’re working in a vacuum. But the more we work together, the stronger we’re going to be as a community of educators and institutions. In the long run, that will only help the students we serve in their education and career preparation.”

W hen the University of Miami joined Liaison’s EngineeringCAS in November 2018, Director of Admissions David T. Poole already had a big-picture vision for the impact of EngineeringCAS not only at his school but throughout the engineering field. “The train was leaving the station, and I wanted to be on that train, which is the future of making the process for admission for graduate studies in engineering one that is much more dynamic, much more user-friendly and one that provides us with the data to make critical managerial decisions,” said College of Engineering (UMCoE) Poole, explaining UMCoE’s decision to join the Centralized Application Service (CAS) for graduate engineering programs. EngineeringCAS provides admissions offices with a better way to recruit and admit top engineering students, save money and allocate staff resources more efficiently year after year. Its platform is the manifestation of one of Liaison’s partnerships with more than 30 professional associations across academic disciplines; these partnerships have each introduced discipline- specific versions of Liaison’s CAS, the cloud-based student admissions solution, which has helped more than 31,000 programs on more than 1,000 campuses optimize their application and enrollment processes. All discipline- based CASs are available at no cost to participating programs.

From segmentation to unification Under UMCoE’s previous enrollment management vendor, the engineering David T. Poole, Direct r of Admissions, University of Miami College of Engineering


Engineering: Today & Tomorrow | Summer 2020

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