Engineering: Today & Tomorrow | Summer 2020

Engineering a New Normal

L ife as we have known it has irrevocably changed. The events of the last few months have forced us all to rethink what is essential. For many students, the global pandemic has interrupted their idealized academic plans. Additionally, the disruption has also forced enrollment management professionals to reconsider how they move forward and build their 2020-21 academic class. However, one of the most remarkable things I have noticed amongst a diversity of academic constituents is that the value of a quality education has not been shaken.

One positive note that rings loudly is the realization that the path forward is not going to be crafted in a vacuum. In this inaugural issue of Engineering: Today & Tomorrow , readers will see how some institutions are harnessing the power of EngineeringCAS™ to build student-friendly processes for finding the right institution, navigating admissions procedures and, in some cases, finding financial support. As you may already know, EngineeringCAS — the first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for engineering programs — gives engineering admissions offices a better way to recruit, enroll and admit best-fit students while saving money and better allocating staff resources each admissions cycle. Liaison’s global platform for driving applicant volume while providing an optimized applicant experience benefits your admissions office by increasing your engineering programs’ visibility, decreasing your time to decision and providing a wealth of data about enrollment trends and performance. As we move forward, I hope the articles in this issue encourage us to maintain an appreciation of our constituents’ academic and emotional needs. The matriculation process will be different for everyone, and we need to adopt a heightened appreciation for how our students perceive and interact with our systems, processes and people. In the end, simplicity, transparency and consistency will rule the day. Our editorial team would love to hear your feedback about this issue of Engineering: Today & Tomorrow and any suggestions you may have for future issues. They can be reached at


Craig G Downing, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning Department Head and Professor of Engineering Management Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Chair of the EngineeringCAS Advisory Board


Engineering: Today & Tomorrow | Summer 2020

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