Engineering: Today & Tomorrow | Summer 2020

From Fits & Starts to a One-Stop Shop: Transforming TAMU’s Engineering Admissions

I n the previous era of admissions at Texas A&M University’s (TAMU) College of Engineering, the application process was consumed by fits and starts. First, the College of Engineering would need to wait until initial application data from the ApplyTexas online platform was translated for TAMU’s own admissions office. Then, the data was uploaded to the TAMU system, after

which point each applicant received a student ID number. This multi-step process meant delays ranging from a few days to a full week before applicants would receive any kind of communication from TAMU’s admissions office — ultimately causing the ripple effect of delays in TAMU’s decision-making times on each applicant.

data to be received and uploaded in our system before we could actually reach out,” she says, adding that TAMU was seeking a “one- stop shop where we could have everything uploaded in one place.” TAMU found its one-stop shop through Liaison’s EngineeringCAS, which makes it easier and more affordable to attract and enroll best- fit engineering students from one admissions cycle to the next.

“One of the challenges we faced was that our graduate engineering advisors in each department did not have very much hands-on involvement regarding the pre- decision process in admissions, said Tandilyn Morrel, director of graduate programs for TAMU’s College of Engineering. “They had to wait to hear from the admissions office that all the applicant documents were received before they could ever make a decision or reach out to the applicant.”

An additional problem, Tandilyn Morrel explained, related to “those prospective students who were interested but may not have completed an application.” A one-stop shop “We were not able to access data from in-process applicants in order to reach out to recruit them or communicate with them. Applicants would have to apply fully, and then we had to wait for all the application


Engineering: Today & Tomorrow | Summer 2020

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