GME: Today & Tomorrow Spring 2020


WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ 74 schools displayed outdated information on their RFI. ĵ ĵ 76 schools had at least 10 required fields on the RFI forms; the highest number of required fields was 21.

Make sure the RFI form makes a good first impression. Keep it short and ensure all of the information it contains is still accurate and up to date. Also, it’s preferable not to require the student to create an account in order to access the form.

WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ Nearly 62% of schools display a generic Thank You message upon submitting the RFI. send a generic acknowledgement of their interest. Provide a dynamic, personalized response based on the information they were willing to submit. SEND A DYNAMIC “THANK YOU.” Someone who takes the time to fill out a form is eager to hear more about what that institution has to offer. Don’t DELIVER THROUGH MULTIPLE CHANNELS. Messages are more likely to reach long-term memory if repeated across multiple channels. Liaison has determined that adding digital to a search campaign with print and email can increase response by up to 200%. WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ Only 7% of schools sent a print piece within four weeks of a student inquiry. ĵ ĵ 75% of schools used email during the inquiry process. ĵ ĵ Fewer than 3% used a microsite. ĵ ĵ Only 2% of schools used three channels of communication.

MAKE IT ALL PERSONAL. Studies show a 135% increase in response when a mail piece is personalized with first name and up to a 500% increase in response rate when a piece is personalized with first name plus additional relevant information. It’s crucial to show students the courtesy of using the personal information they have provided during every stage of the communication process.

WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ 77% of business schools had an RFI on their home page; 14% were visible without scrolling. ĵ ĵ Researchers could not locate RFIs for 16% of the schools. ĵ ĵ 92% of schools had a link to an application . based on meaningful information and communication — even before the application stage — prospective students must be able to effortlessly locate an RFI form. MAKE SURE YOUR RFI FORM IS EASY. Graduate school requires a substantial investment of time and money. In order to clearly explain the benefits of a program and develop a relationship WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ Fewer than 3% provided an immediate response with a personalized web page. ĵ ĵ Just 43% responded within one hour. ĵ ĵ 38 schools did not respond to a submitted form within four weeks.

WHAT WE FOUND: ĵ ĵ 59% used the potential

applicant’s name plus at least one other relevant factor, which was usually the program of interest. ĵ ĵ 61 schools provided a generic response. ĵ ĵ 18 used only the potential applicant’s first name.

BE FAST. BE FIRST. No one wants to wait for information. Immediate response is key. In fact, one recent study of online students showed that 61% enrolled at the institution that contacted them first. Schools can’t afford to take their time replying.



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