GME: Today & Tomorrow Spring 2020

What’s the Future of GME Admissions?

Four Experts Look Ahead

focusing instead on U.S. recruiting fairs. The result? There was almost no change in the percentage of domestic or international applications either year. Carver concluded that, “Graduate fair ROI is very low and diminishing. Now we need to ask whether we should be doing any of these at all. It’s not how students want to be recruited anymore. But do we focus instead on digital strategies, knowing we’re not yet as good as we’d like to be? How do we transition?”

management portal. “It’s been fascinating,” he says of his experience with BusinessCAS. “My team at Liaison really hit the ground running.” THE EVOLUTION OF THE MARKETPLACE AND THE IMPACT OF THE ECONOMY “There are simply too many GME options out there today,” Powell said. “It creates incredible confusion in the marketplace.” But that’s not Powell’s only concern. She also worries that the public perceives the MBA brand as “outdated” and that fewer potential applicants appreciate the value of an MBA. A strong domestic economy and lower unemployment also mean that the appeal of going back to (or staying in) school may have diminished, she added. “So how do you create and promote change on campus?” Liaison’s Ruiz asked the group. Listening to the discussion that followed should be a top priority of every GME admissions professional in the country. Watch the on-demand version at


When McChesney pointed to “declining human capital” in GME admissions offices as one of his key concerns, the sentiment was quickly echoed by other forum participants. Strategies he’s embraced to counter the challenge of “doing more with less” include hosting more information sessions, coffee chats, webinars and Facebook Live events. He has also pushed for additional staff. And he decided to join BusinessCAS, Liaison’s online recruitment, admissions and data


DEE STEINLE Executive Director of MBA and MSB Programs

SHAUN CARVER Former Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

MONICA POWELL Senior Associate Dean and Graduate Dean

TOBY MCCHESNEY Senior Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

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