GME: Today & Tomorrow Spring 2020

How the Integration GMAC’s Common Letter of Recommendation into BusinessCAS Enhanced the Reviewer Experience “ For more than a year now, graduate management education (GME) programs that are members of Liaison International’s BusinessCAS — the Centralized Application Service (CAS) for GME programs — have been able to make the recommendation component of their application more consistent through the Graduate Management Admission Council’s Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

In addition to simplifying the recommendation process, BusinessCAS further benefits participating schools and programs by adding them to a global GME marketplace and: l l Driving awareness of business programs through a streamlined application process and communication tools that enable targeted, personalized communications to prospective students. l l Decreasing time to decision by providing a processing team to scan transcripts and package application components as an extension of staff. l l Providing insight into enrollment trends and performance on campus and within GME through robust analytics and reporting tools. BusinessCAS benefits applicants by: l l Offering a modern application experience that guides them through the application process. l l Streamlining the process for those researching and applying to multiple programs of interest. l l Providing 24/7 access to real-time application status updates. Bringing together the Common LOR and BusinessCAS truly took us to the next level of evaluating leadership potential, character and quality of candidates, helping us to build a diverse workforce of innovative, forward- thinking leaders. ”

To address redundancies and introduce more efficiency to the GME application process, GMAC’s Common LOR replaced the need for applicants, recommenders and reviewers to manage multiple ad hoc recommendation forms. Business schools that accept the Common LOR leverage a common set of questions that facilitates a more holistic review of applicants. “The Common LOR simplifies the business school application process and reduces the workload for candidates and their recommenders,” said Joy Jones, chief product officer at GMAC. “We’re excited that Liaison decided to adopt the Common LOR into its BusinessCAS offering.” Through integrating the Common LOR into BusinessCAS, Liaison enhances the experience for reviewers of applicants with a digitized, reader-friendly PDF output. The result is a streamlined recommendation process that provides deeper insight into a candidate’s capabilities. “When our GMAC Application Process Advisory Group began discussions about simplifying the GME, we knew we wanted to eventually get to a place where all of the components of this process were simplified. Based on our resources, we started on what we saw as one of the core pieces: the recommendation form,” said Dee Steinle, executive director of MBA and MSB programs at the University of Kansas School of Business and vice chair of the BusinessCAS advisory board.



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