GME: Today & Tomorrow Spring 2020

Making Sense of Part-Time and Online MBA Enrollment Trends

First the good news: Enrollment in online MBA programs has been on the rise in recent years, creating new opportunities for business schools and programs to benefit from a growing marketplace. Now the less-encouraging news: That growth appears to be coming at the expense of traditional part-time MBA programs, many of which are now experiencing lower application volumes and enrollment. What does the data say about the future of your program? Are you adjusting accordingly? Digging deeper To help find answers, Liaison International gathered deans and program directors from three business schools to share their insights and best practices regarding: t t How data can drive decisions for individual institutions striving to attract applicants in specific markets or in different geographic locations. t t How to make sense of recent changes in applications across applicant categories. t t How they are adapting to better manage enrollment at their own institutions in response to current trends. t t How the waiver of GMAT and GRE scores may limit the ability of some data to tell the full story about trends in different types of MBA programs.

“For most programs and schools, there just simply aren’t enough resources to do everything you might want to do,” says Dee Steinle, executive director of MBA and MSB Programs at the University of Kansas School of Business and vice chair of Liaison’s BusinessCAS Advisory Board. “You have to be efficient about what choices you make and what programs you feed. So we began to look at not only what was happening in our own program, but also what was happening across programs in the industry. When we went back and looked at the data, we found some pretty interesting trends.” What’s the story? Monica Powell, senior associate dean and graduate dean at the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management, believes it’s also important to think about communicating your institution’s brand. “I think the more that you can do to tell the story of your school and your program and your differentiation in the market, the greater chance you’re going to have of identifying the students who will be happy and satisfied there,” she says. To hear the entire conversation, download Liaison’s free on-demand webinar, “Part-Time MBA and Online MBA Trends: What’s Changing, Who’s Being Innovative and What’s Happening in the Future?” It’s available at .



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