GME: Today & Tomorrow Fall 2019

The BusinessCAS Advisory Board: Meet the Leaders Guiding GME Forward The BusinessCAS advisory board is comprised of subject matter experts from campuses across the U.S. These GME professionals provide strategic guidance and drive the vision for the Centralized Application Service for GME programs. These leaders focus on innovation and collaboration with the Liaison team, and they serve as a connection to the greater GME community.

Dr. Loubna Bouamane Director, Graduate Business Admissions

Shaun Carver Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

Kate Klepper Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Sharon Lydon Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

Toby McChesney Senior Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Alison Merzel Former Senior Director of Graduate Recruiting, Admissions and Financial Aid

leavey school of business santa clara university

Chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board


GME: Today & Tomorrow | Fall 2019

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