GME: Today & Tomorrow Fall 2019

GME Today, Tomorrow...and Beyond!

A re you in the graduate management education (GME) space and frustrated with admissions and enrollment trends? Would hearing how your peers are navigating the same challenging landscape help? If yes, then you’ve picked up the right magazine.

Gaining insight into how to do this important work is what drove me and 13 fellow GME leaders to join the BusinessCAS™ advisory board and launch GME: Today & Tomorrow . Our goal is to ensure the best practices we’ve shared with each other don’t stay behind the closed doors of our board meetings, as we know what we’ve learned will help you shape your class to match your vision and your goals. But what is BusinessCAS? It’s the Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for the GME world that gives your prospective students the access they seek, the community they deserve and the modern experience they require. BusinessCAS is powered by Liaison, the company that for more than 25 years has provided these services for a majority of graduate disciplines. I’ve heard CAS referred to as “the gatekeeper to the next generation of leaders,” and I believe that’s an accurate reflection of BusinessCAS as well. Put simply, BusinessCAS is the future of GME. As we navigate the present and future of GME, I’m convinced that we need to work together to find, engage and enroll the students who will define our institutions and shape the future of the workforce. Once you finish reading the articles in this magazine, I think you’ll agree with me that together, we’re much better positioned to guide our industry forward, today, tomorrow — and beyond! Please reach out to share what you’d like to see covered in future issues of GME: Today & Tomorrow . Our editorial team can be reached at


Dr. Toby McChesney Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs Santa Clara University Chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board


GME: Today & Tomorrow | Fall 2019

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