GME: Today & Tomorrow Fall 2019

A History of BusinessCAS: Our Path to Where We are Today

May 2018 Presented at the AMBA Global Conference

Since Liaison first conceived of the idea for the community in May 2013, the BusinessCAS team has kept busy, traveling around the U.S. and the globe to learn from GME leaders.

June 2018 Co-sponsored seven California business school events and participated in the GMAC Annual Conference

June 2017 BusinessCAS was officially introduced at the GMAC Annual Conference

July 2018 Hosted meetings at the Liaison User Conference

November 2017 Hosted first advisory board meeting

September 2018 Opened second cycle and co-presented at the JEBNET Conference at Fordham University October 2018 Co-sponsored the Council of Texas Business Deans Annual Meeting, the MAACBA Annual Conference and the Rutgers Innovation in GME Conference

September 2017 Launched inaugural cycle

January 2018 Met with schools at the GMAC Leadership Conference

February 2018 Participated in the AACSB Deans Conference

November 2018 Presented at the AACSB Associate Deans Conference

April 2018 Supported the AACSB ICAM

BusinessCAS continues conversations with potential partners


GME: Today & Tomorrow | Fall 2019

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