How CAS Community Members Predict Their Pipelines

How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines | #buildabetterclass

How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

Predicting Your Pipeline Has Never Been More Difficult

A lthough graduate enrollment was up 2.9% this fall, according to the National Student Clearinghouse, important pipelines to graduate programs are narrowing. Undergraduate enrollment was down 4.4%. The population of traditional-age students is smaller than it used to be. Troubling international recruitment and enrollment trends that emerged in recent years have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Predicting your pipeline — i.e., using the most effective strategies at your disposal to identify, recruit, admit and enroll best-fit students cycle after cycle — is now more important than ever. One such proven strategy is joining the Centralized Application Service (CAS TM ) Community. Liaison has powered CASs for nearly three decades and currently serves over 31,000 programs at more than 1,000 colleges and

universities. Through its CASs, Liaison creates communities of like-minded peers who share the same priorities, challenges and passion. They facilitate new collaborations that drive mutual success for all participating schools and applicants. In addition to creating a community for higher education leaders, CAS is a full service, web- based marketing and application platform that allows students to apply to as many programs at as many participating institutions as they’d like by submitting only a single set of application materials. To help CAS Community members build better pipelines, Liaison invests in initiatives to: ` Reach applicants earlier ` Engage applicants more often — and more effectively Here’s how:


How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

Traditionally, students enter your funnel when they visit your institution’s website. For members of the CAS Community, Liaison expands their reach and widens the pipeline by incorporating a new first step: targeted advertising that attracts students before they decide to visit an institution’s website., a Graduate Program Discovery Portal independently generates and manages traffic to CASs and, by extension, to CAS member programs. With the tagline, “ONE Application, Limitless Possibilities,” expedites students’ graduate school search by driving them to CASs. In so doing, it creates an easily navigable pathway. Students can complete a single application in order to apply to all of their top-choice schools, submit one set of transcripts for all of their applications and access real-time application status updates. expands CAS Community members’ reach while simultaneously making it easier for students to apply to their institutions and programs. Omni-channel Campaigns Beyond, Liaison facilitates omni-channel campaigns that use all available forms of advertising — email, web, digital and print, to name a few — to reach the exact prospects CAS Community members want in their classrooms. In addition to using Google and social platforms, we also run ads promoting CAS — and therefore the programs listed in a CAS — on regional, international and industry-specific outlets. CAS Community Members Reach Applicants Earlier

CAS Community members benefit from promotion through ads on:

and other popular platforms

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How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

CAS Community Members Engage Applicants More Often — and More Effectively

Liaison’s recruitment initiatives rely on data-driven strategies to target and deliver important messages to applicants at every stage of the application process. To do the best possible job of capturing and nurturing prospects, we drive traffic using cookies for future retargeting campaigns as well as search engine optimization (“SEO”) and pay-per-click (“PPC”) strategies to focus on the words and phrases that are most commonly used by prospects searching for programs online. Beyond and omni- channel marketing campaigns, Liaison

facilitates drive-to-apply and drive-to- complete campaigns for CAS Community members — at no extra cost . Joining a CAS grants access to our team of higher ed marketing specialists and the tools they’ve used to drive outcomes for schools of all sizes. Take it from one of our partners, Christopher Smith, Ed.D, Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Financial Aid at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus: “There is nobody doing what Liaison is doing right now in terms of their partnerships and marketing pieces. Working with Liaison is like having a combined enrollment and marketing department.”


How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

It’s much more efficient to use one website for multiple applications.” CAS applicant

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How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

It’s an easy, standardized system... I wish more schools used this application!” CAS applicant


How CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines

CAS Community Members Predict their Pipelines — and You Can, Too

Liaison looked at data gathered from a subset of our recruitment marketing campaigns over a three month period in Summer/Fall 2020 to determine the number of newly created accounts attributable to our ad campaigns.

New Visitors to EngineeringCAS and BusinessCAS New Visitors to EngineeringCAS and BusinessCAS

The numbers speak for themselves: ȡ Referrals that came from .edu websites during that period produced 6,658 new visitors and just 232 new accounts. ȡ Liaison, on the other hand, delivered 130,000 visitors and prompted the creation of 700 new accounts! Working with Liaison to conduct more effective recruiting campaigns is just one benefit of being a part of the CAS Community. On top of gaining greater exposure to a larger application pool, programs often see a spike in not only the quantity but also the quality of applications after joining a CAS. A CAS also reduces administrative burdens on admissions staff, freeing them up to engage more with students. Your resources are best spent on the work that matters most: engaging prospective students so they’ll enroll in your programs. Join the CAS Community today so we can take care of predicting your pipeline, giving you more time to build your best class.


.edu websites CAS Pipeline- filling Initiatives .edu websites CAS Pipeline- filling Initiatives

130,000 130,000


New Accounts Created on EngineeringCAS and BusinessCAS New Accounts Created on EngineeringCAS and BusinessCAS


.edu websites CAS Pipeline- filling Initiatives .edu websites CAS Pipeline- filling Initiatives

700 700


Join the CAS Community today! Visit to learn more.

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